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Patrick on Parker offers full-stack web development, marketing, branding and business solutions for Metro Detroit nonprofits, businesses, schools & social organizations.
Patrick on Parker

Mission & Values

My name is James (Patrick) Lovallo. I'm a professional web developer serving in the city of Detroit. This is my home, and I am encouraged that there is so much new development happening in the city right now.

What's discouraging is seeing people with great ideas and a lot of hustle get stuck because they can't afford the professional servies they need to get their idea off the ground.

I offer the lowest rates in the industry for nonprofit and for-good businesses so that those doing good work can put more of their limited time and resources into their projects. I only take clients whose work I feel good about supporting with my time, talent and energy. I insist on meeting my clients in person whenever possible and often grow to think of them as friends. If you need a hand growing your business without breaking the bank, I can help.


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